avacs live chat

avacs live chat

salam be forum irania khosh umadin. omidvaram matalebe in forum bedardeton bokhore va betune niazatono bar taraf kune . dost dare shoma HADI-JOON
سلام واسه اینکه بتونید تو این سایت فایل دانلود کنید یا فایل ارسال کنید و خیلی کارهای دیگر ابتدا باید ثبت نام کنید
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stop hack

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1 stop hack on Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:00 am

Hi if you want stop hack and account stealer you must know => hack in avacs just in buy and selling id do . hacker have 2 way for return id 1) insert mail and selling id and user forget deleted or change email 2)important way= hacker log in to 1 id with mobile and web chat (chat.avacschat.com) and sell id and with pc change pw and again with mobile login with new pw its way hack in avax. i for stop hack said to all user 1) never not buy id 2) if you want buy id u must do => 1)for buy id said to person change pw to 2digit 2) wait person become offlin and buy but may use invisible 3) insert arabic pw becoze arabic pw not send to mail 4) first change mail and later change pw 5) use pw diffirent for id diffirent. if user do just 5 way never do hack . (by HADI-JOON)

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